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Partial Hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is our most intensive non-residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. This program works well for many patients following an inpatient stay at a residential treatment facility. Patients enrolled in our partial day program go home each afternoon.


  • Patients have time to search for a job and attend to personal obligations
  • Patients are confronted with real life situations and learn to address issues in a safe and secure setting
  • Patients develop a long-term support system that keeps them on track in their recovery

Placement in our partial day program will be determined following a complete evaluation based on diagnostic criteria and the Pennsylvania Client Placement Criteria.
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Partial Day Program Details:

  • Daily group and individual counseling sessions
  • Option to involve family members and attend family counseling sessions
  • Patients are encouraged to attend 12-Step meetings

If partial treatment is recommended following your evaluation, you can often start your treatment the same day or the following day.

At Gearty and Associates Counseling, we treat patients as individuals and develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs, providing a support network and a plan to maintain long-term sobriety. After successful completion of our partial day program, you will typically be stepped down to our intensive outpatient program.

Partial Day Program


Gearty and Associates Counseling accepts most commercial insurance. We also participate with the PA Department of Public Welfare and accept the medical card and Health Choices. We also contract with Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission to provide drug and alcohol treatment services for those that do not have any other payor type.

If you do not have any insurance, our staff will work with you, beginning at your first appointment, to help secure funding for your treatment. We are able secure funding in most cases. When that isn't possible for some reason, we will develop a sliding scale, adjusting our fees to your ability to pay.